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Youth Sports & Athletics Task Force Work Continues

Youth Sports & Athletics Task Force
The Oregon School District believes that student participation in youth sports (pre-K - 6th grade) and athletics (7th - 12th grade) is an integral part of the total educational process. Students learn important life skills through sports and also gain benefits for overall health and well-being. Close to half our students at OHS and OMS participate in sports and more than 3,000 OSD students engage in youth sports organization activities.
In early 2017, the school board established a Youth Sports & Athletics Task force to examine the purposes, shared values and expectations for youth sports organizations and athletic programs in the district, desired outcomes, cooperative opportunities and equity for all students.  The Task Force reviewed national research, studied participation data and hosted a summit with 90+ community members, all with the goal of developing action steps in the form of recommendations to the School Board that will ensure youth sports and athletic programs are built upon a foundation of learning and our sports culture is a strong and positive one. The Task Force has come up with three recommendations that will be shared with the Oregon School Board at an upcoming meeting.

Task Force Recommendations

The recommendations of the Youth Sports & Athletics Task Force are:


Recommendation #1: The Oregon School District survey both students and parents (4K to Grade 12) about participation and non-participation in sports to better understand access, equity and opportunities or lack thereof, to benchmark participation numbers and to determine goals for the future. We suggest the research be conducted by an outside firm.


Responsible Parties: Oregon School District and Outside Research Firm; Timeline: February 2019


Status:  Survey Completed

A survey was conducted with students and parents in February 2019. The study revealed the following insights:

  • Results are consistent with national research and trends.
  • The number one reason students participate in sports is "to have fun."  
  • Time is the most frequent reason cited for not participating in organized sports.
  • There is an opportunity to share information and age-appropriate athletic expectations with parents. 
There are a number of ways this information will be used.  For example:
  • Continue to share research findings with and provide education to key stakeholders (e.g., parents, coaches, students, community)
  • Continue to work with the parental / sports consortium group on programming and fostering a shared vision for the kind of experience we want our children to have when participating in sports.
  • Explore additional opportunities for organized, non-organized, and recreational sports offerings (especially as our district grows).  
  • Find ways to offer opportunities to students and families who are not currently involved / participating in sports.


 Recommendation #2: The Oregon School District and Oregon Youth Sports Organizations form a consortium to collaborate and develop best practices, shared beliefs and information processes in the areas of coach preparation and training, communication to families and concept of age-appropriate development/ seasons. Oregon School District physical education and health educators will also be included as members of the consortium.


Responsible Parties: OSD Athletic Director and Youth Sports Organization Leaders; Timeline: Begin Winter 2018/2019


Recommendation #3: Creation of an Advisory Council that is charged with developing tools and mechanisms to help parents become better educated in their role as a “sport parent” with the purpose of fostering their child’s development, ensuring that sports experiences are centered in learning and to help grow a strong and positive sports culture for our kids.


Responsible Party: New Parent Advisory Council; Timeline: Fall of 2018. Launch Winter of 2018/2019.


How to Learn More

Full reports and highlights from the February survey are available at: