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OSD Ranks Among Top 3 in Dane County on State Report Cards

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released the 2017-2018 state report cards and the news is good, once again, for the Oregon School District. All schools received a rating of "Exceeds Expectations" or "Significantly Exceeds Expectations." The Oregon School District, overall, received the third-highest ranking in Dane County. The Waunakee Community School District received the highest score, followed by the Middleton-Cross Plains School District.


School Rankings

About WI Report Card Ratings

The school report card rates each Wisconsin school and district on an “Accountability Index Score” that ranges from 0 to 100. Accountability Index Scores are comprised of the following factors:

  • Student achievement state assessment scores on reading and math;

  • Student achievement growth as measured by year-to-year improvements;

  • Closing gaps in academic performance within student sub-groups; and

  • On-track to graduation/post secondary using reliable predictors of graduation and post-secondary success.

How We Use This Information

Wisconsin report card data, along with a variety of other student achievement measures, is used to gain insights into current educational practices, areas of strengths, and opportunities for continued growth for our students. 

It is important to note that there is not one single measure that reflects the quality of a student’s education in the Oregon School District. While our state report cards reflect strong academic achievement, please know there is so much more to a student’s learning and education than a school-wide score.

Additional Information and Resources

If you would like to discuss report card scores or have questions, please contact Dr. Leslie Bergstrom, Director of Curriculum and Student Achievement (835-4002).