Transportation Working Plans

  • Below are the objectives for transportation as we grow and expand as a district:

    • Students arrive at school close to start times;
    • Students depart from school close to end times;
    • Reduce time on the bus wherever possible;
    • Have simplified bus zone eligibility maps (after attendance boundaries, start times are finalized); and
    • Continue to be fiscally responsible.

Estimated Average Arrival & Departure (minutes from bell)

  • The Oregon School District has been working with a transportation consultant to accomplish the objectives above. The chart below shows the average arrival and departure times (minutes from bell) that are estimated by creating a 45-minute school start time differential between K-6 schools and 7-12 grade schools.   

    Estimated Average Arrival & Departure (minutes from bell)

    Notes about this chart:

    • Average arrival and departure times are estimates based on 2019-2020 routes.
    • Exact times may vary by bus, as numbers above are averages.
    • Bus routes and times for 2020-2021 will be known after decisions have been made on attendance area boundaries, school start times, and student enrollment.