2019 Weather Makeup Plan

  • The severe weather we have experienced this winter has led to a higher than usual number of school closings. To date, we have had six snow/cold weather cancellations. The District builds three weather days into the school calendar, so if there had only been three inclement weather days, the last day of school would have been June 12 (a half day).

    Our District leadership team has designed the following plan after considering a number of options. These changes enable us to make up the equivalent of all six inclement weather days.

    • We will add 1.5 instructional days to the end of the school calendar, which makes the last day of school a full day on Thursday, June 13. The last day for graduating seniors will continue to be June 7.
    • In addition, beginning Monday, April 1 through the end of the year, we will add 5 minutes to the start time and 7 minutes to end time at all schools. Updated start and end times for each school are attached to this message.
    • Makeup exams at OHS will be scheduled for the morning of Friday, June 14.

    Please note that this plan is based on the assumption that we will not have any additional inclement weather days this school year.

    We understand these changes may cause inconveniences. Keeping our students and staff safe as they travel to and from school is one of our most important responsibilities. We want to thank our families, staff and students for being patient and flexible with the inclement weather schedule changes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Below are some common questions and answers that you may have. If you have specific questions that are not addressed here, please contact the principal at your child's school or the District Services Office at 608-835-4091. 

    What time will my child’s school day start and end beginning April 1?
    The chart below shows school start and end times at all schools. For example, if your student attends Brooklyn Elementary, the start time will be 7:55am beginning April 1, 2019 and the end time will be 2:57pm. 

    School Start/End Times Beginning April 1, 2019

    How are bus schedules impacted by the schedule changes?  
    Morning bus pick-ups and school drop-offs will adjust slightly to accommodate the schedule change starting April 1, 2019. The morning bus schedule will be approximately five minutes earlier than the original scheduled time, while the afternoon bus schedule will be seven minutes later.

    What impact does the schedule change have on graduating seniors?
    The schedule change does not impact the last day for seniors or the date of graduation. The last day of instruction for seniors will remain June 7 and the graduation ceremony will continue on Sunday, June 9.   

    What impact do these changes have on 4K students?
    4K will be in session on the following dates, which were not originally scheduled: 

    • Friday, April 26
    • Wednesday, June 5
    • Thursday, June 6 (this will be the last day of 4K)

    If your 4K child rides the bus, please note that morning bus pick-ups will be approximately 5 minutes earlier than the originally scheduled time, effective April 1, 2019. The mid-day bus schedule will stay the same.  

    Why aren’t all districts doing the same thing to address inclement weather days?  
    School calendars, start and end times, days off, and approaches to professional development vary from district to district. In light of the extreme weather and cancellations this year, districts have created solutions to make up the lost time. Common approaches include extending the length of school days, adding days to the end of the school year, and changing professional development days to student instructional days. In short, each school district’s schedule is unique, so the solutions are necessarily different. For example, April 19 is a holiday in the OSD Employee Handbook and April 22 is a professional development day. OSD places a high value on professional learning, as it is known to be one of the most effective ways to impact student learning. Additionally, professional development is the cornerstone of the Educator Compensation Plan that was approved by the community in the November 2016 referendum. For these reasons, we have elected to preserve the April 22 professional development day.

    Why do the extended school days not take effect until April?
    It is not uncommon for winter weather in Wisconsin to extend into March and April. Starting the plan in April allows us to make up the missed time and hopefully avoids the need to change the plan again.  We also know that families have established schedules and calendars. Starting April 1 allows us to get beyond our scheduled Spring Break and gives families and staff some time to prepare for the change.

    What happens if our family has travel plans based on the original calendar? The unforeseen number of inclement weather days this year has certainly been inconvenient to personal and professional schedules. If students have travel plans based on the original calendar, you may contact your school office and the absence will be excused.

    How will we be notified of any changes to this schedule, if needed?
    If there are additional school delays or cancellations this year, we will follow up with an update on the impact to the schedule plan. Notifications will be sent via email and posted here.