Equity & Inclusion in Our School Community

  • As a school district, we have the important responsibility of supporting the learning and growth of all students in a way that aligns with our Five ValuesThis includes a clear understanding of the importance of equity and understanding that every member of our community is treated with respect and kindness. Our goal is to create a school environment where all students feel safe, supported, and a sense of belonging, which is when the most impactful opportunities for learning occur.

Anti-Hate Speech Policy

  • One important component of creating an inclusive school community for all students focuses on speaking to one another in a kind and respectful way. In June 2020, the Oregon School District Board of Education adopted an Anti-Hate Speech PolicyHate speech is any form of communication that attacks, threatens, degrades or insults a person or group based on their race, color, national origin, ancestry, creed, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender variance or any other group protected by Board Policy 157.   Hate speech has a harmful impact on students in our schools and will not be tolerated in our District. 

  • Are anti-hate speech lessons taught to students at all grade levels?

  • How does the OSD support LGBTQ+ students?

  • What policies guide the OSD equity work?


  • We understand that racism is a systemic challenge in our society and that our actions must go beyond celebrating diversity in our schools or listing equity as a value. We must work together to challenge current systems and practices and focus on removing obstacles that contribute to systemic inequities. 

    We have partnered with students, families, and valuable community partners like Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development, the National Equity ProjectDane County Equity Consortium and Critical Consciousness, LLC to more fully understand and act upon institutional and other forms of racism.

    If we are to address racial disparities that exist in our society, we must start with knowledge and education. Below are some resources to help guide discussions with your students.

Community Equity Forums