Welcome to Oregon High School

German Club at the OHS Club Fair
Student Council Breakfast and Picnic
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  • Our Mission Statement

    The mission of the Oregon High School community is to work together for success while learning to live respectfully and responsibly in a changing world.

    Our Vision Statement

    The vision of Oregon High School is to provide a culture in which students are prepared for their future endeavors and learn to be responsible citizens. Our vision will be accomplished by providing students with a challenging, engaging curriculum that is supported by a wide variety of instructional methods. It is essential that all relationships be based on respect, caring, and cooperation to achieve the vision. 

    Responsibilities for achieving our vision. . .

    • Students will be actively involved in and responsible for their learning.
    • Teachers will be knowledgeable in their subject areas, employ a wide variety of teaching methods, and work collaboratively to enhance learning.
    • Administrators will provide knowledgeable and supportive leadership, which focuses on the school’s vision.
    • Support staff will perform their duties in a knowledgeable, skilled manner that supports student learning.
    • Parents and community members will partner with school personnel to support the school’s vision.