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    We sometimes hear concerns from families that they have not received emails sent from the Oregon School District via Infinite Campus, which is our District contact database. Our investigation indicates that some email providers have flagged messages from OSD via Infinite Campus as “spam” and are blocking them from being delivered. This means that although emails from the Oregon School District are sent successfully, an email provider outside of OSD stops them from being delivered to your mail account (not even into a “Spam” folder).  We've also learned that this happens on occasion with no predictable pattern.

    This seems to be most common with email accounts hosted by Microsoft, such as,,,, etc., but also periodically affects,,, and others.

    While the OSD Technology Department has been in contact with these email providers and is doing everything possible to help mitigate this challenge, the source of the issue occurs after messages leave the OSD domain.    

    What Should I Do?

    One failsafe way to ensure that you see messages from OSD is by logging into and checking your Campus Portal Inbox. By default, email messages sent via Infinite Campus will also appear in the Campus Portal Inbox. (This does not apply to messages sent from an individual OSD email account, such as from a teacher.)

    IC Inbox

    Here are some additional suggestions:

    • Check your email’s spam folder. If you find a message in spam, move it to your Inbox. Some email programs also allow you to indicate it as “not spam.”
    • Log in to the Campus Portal and make sure your email address is correct, and that you are subscribed to email notifications.
    • Open and read messages from Oregon School District. This teaches your email program that you want to receive messages from OSD.
    • Add your child’s teachers’ email addresses to your email contact list.
    • Add “” and “” to your email contact list.
    • Add the following domains to your email provider's list of domains to "allow" or "whitelist" (if your provider allows this option).
    • Contact your email provider’s tech support and explain the situation to them.