Grade 7 Class Registration Information

  • Seventh grade OMS students have an 8-period daily schedule that includes both required and “choice” classes.  Some classes meet every day, while others meet on alternating days. While certain classes meet for the entire school year, others meet for half of the year. 

    Grade 7 Classes

Action Steps for Families

    1. Review class options (descriptions below)
    2. Select the World Language course your student will take (either German or Spanish)
    3. Select up to three "choice" classes (Band, Choir, Orchestra or STEAM)
    4. Complete the selection form (formulario de selección)

    PLEASE NOTE: Once scheduled, choice classes can only be dropped the first two weeks of school or at the end of each quarter, with approval from parent/guardian and administration. 

    Questions?  Contact Jan Neumann at 835-4810 or

Grade 7 Class Options

    All 7th grade students are required to take World Language and may choose between German or Spanish.


    German meets every other day for a full year. The focus is to introduce students to the German language and culture and to start to build a student’s confidence and ability to communicate freely in German. There is an emphasis on listening, reading, and speaking as well as cultural understanding. 

    Students will develop skills by studying topics such as describing self and others, free time interests, and cultural identity. Students will also create with the language. Students will practice skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking through fun and engaging activities. They will also examine the concept of culture and engage in cultural activities in order to better understand their own experience of culture and be able to compare and contrast cultures.


    Spanish meets every other day for a full year. The focus of 7th grade Spanish is to increase our vocabulary base as well as to learn about and apply grammar concepts in order to communicate more effectively in Spanish. Students will also have opportunities to practice reading, listening, and speaking skills as well as cultural understanding. 

    Students will develop skills through a series of unit topics such as introducing oneself, school life, clothing and seasons, and describing one’s family. Each unit will focus on a specific language standard such as: stating personal preferences, asking and answering questions, and composing a letter in Spanish. Students will also engage in cultural activities throughout the year in order to compare and contrast cultures. 

    Bilingual Spanish
    Open to students currently enrolled in the Bilingual Spanish Program.

    MUSIC:  Band, Choir, and Orchestra
    These academic classes offer students the opportunity to learn and collaborate in large and small ensemble settings through the exploration of National and State Music Standards of Creating, Performing, Responding, and Connecting. Students will learn and develop technique and expression through the study of voice and/or instruments and build on their understanding of music’s relationships to history and culture.

    Students who join band, orchestra or chorus are expected to participate in all concerts/performances unless illness or family emergency causes a conflict.

    Students who wish to join band or orchestra but have not been previously enrolled must have a parent/guardian contact the teacher to discuss the curriculum as well as instrument rental. Participation in the summer school band/orchestra small group learning is encouraged.

    Music classes meet five days/week; however, students who choose to take two or more music classes will have one or two of their music classes every other day. For example, if Chris selects both choir and orchestra, Chris might have orchestra every day and choir every other day (students will be able to choose which of the music classes they have more frequently).

    NOTE: If a student is enrolled in two every-other-day music classes and chooses to drop, they will have remaining class every day – not a study hall.

    STEAM 7
    This course will introduce students to the interdisciplinary learning framework of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Students will engage in project-based and inquiry-based learning, which will involve productive communication and collaboration.