RCI Clubs and Activities

RCI Clubs and Activities

  •  World Drumming

    When:        3:30-4:30 PM, Thursday

    Where:       General Music Classroom

    Questions:   Megan Wiemann (Register at: https://oregonregistrationcenter.maxgalaxy.net/Registration.aspx?ActivityID=2250 )


     Girls Who Code

    When:        5th and 6th Grade recess

    Where:       RCI Steam Room (A125)

    Questions:  Mariah Richards (mnrichards@OregonSD.Org)

    *Enjoy helping your community, want to build your own own cool apps?

    Come learn how to code and change the world...Please bring your Chromebooks


    Pop Up Monday Makerspace

    When:        5th and 6th Grade recess, Monday's 

    Where:       RCI Steam Room (A125)

    Questions:  Mariah Richards (mnrichards@OregonSD.Org)

    *Participate in a new MAKER activity featured each week! See the list of maker activities on Mrs. Richards door. 


    Yearbook Club

    When:        Tuesday's Afterschool (3:15-4:15 pm)

    Where:       Mrs. Howery's Classroom (G2)

    Questions:  Mary Prior (mcp@OregonSD.Org) or Joan Howery (jmh@OregonSD.Org)


    Brogrammers Coding Club

    When:        Thursdays, 5th & 6th Grade lunch and recess

    Where:       RCI Steam Room (A125)

    Questions:  Mrs. Richards (mnrichards@OregonSD.Org)

    *Round up your bros and stop in to code. All levels of coding are welcome!


    Kindness Craft Club

    When:         Every OTHER Monday during 6th Grade lunch and recess

    Where:        TC1

    Questions:   Ms. Wright or Students--Noa or Liv

    *We will make crafts to brighten people's day. Bring your lunch. 


    Running Club

    When:          FRIDAYS during 5th & 6th grade recess

    Where:         Meet in the 5th grade Steam room (D122~Minter)

    Questions:    Mrs. Schell (ext. 4707)

    *Sign-up forms available from Student Services)


    Stamp Club

    When:           1st & 3rd Monday during 5th & 6th Grade lunch/recess

    Where:          5th Grade Steam Room (D122~Minter)

    Questions:     Mrs. Schell (ext. 4707)

    *Bring your lunch


    Arth Club

    When:            Every Friday during 5th grade recess

    Where:           Yellow 2, Room B103

    Questions:      Mrs. Tracy-Hermanson (ext. 4739)


    Chess Club

    When:            Tuesday's during 5th and 6th grade lunch and recess

    Where:           Mrs. Wagner's Room in Blue 2 (5th) or Mrs. Wright's Room in TC1 (6th)

    Questions:      Mrs. Wagner (ext. 4758) or Mrs. Wright (ext. 4795)

    Sign up forms are available from Student Services


    Kahoot Create Club

    When:             Thursday's during 5th and 6th Grade recess

    Where:            Choir Room (C113)

    Questions:       Mr. Cutter (ext. 4779)

    Do you want to have fun learning about each other? Bring your chromebook.


    Math 24 Club


    When:             Tuesday's and Thursday's during 5th grade recess, Wednesday's during 6th grade lunch and recess

    Where:            G2 

    Questions:       Ms. Legler (ext. 4771) We will play Math 24, Variables (5th grade) or Integers Deck (6th grade)-Bring your lunch


    Newspaper Club

    When:            Every Friday after school (3:15-4:00 pm)

    Where:           Library

    Questions:      Mrs. Krueger (ext. 4701) Parent permission form available in office


    Quiet Lunch Club

    When:            Wednesdays, during 5th and 6th grade lunch

    Where:           5th Grade STEAM room D122

    Questions:      Miss Spln (ext. 4708) Looking for a quiet place to eat lunch? Come join Miss Splan to listening to relaxing music and quiet

    chit chat in a calm, peaceful space.


    Yoga Club

    When:             Thursdays, during 5th and 6th grade recess

    Where:            General Music Room (C108)

    Questions:       Mrs. Schell (ext. 4707)