OHS Course Selection & Registration

  • Course registration occurs from mid January to mid February each school year.

    Registration Highlights

    1. Watch OHS Pre-Registration Video.
    2. View Department Videos to get additional information about courses in each department
    3. Click here to learn about Early College Credit and Start College Now programs
    4. Enter course requests into Xello
    5. Schedule an appointment with your School Counselor if you have questions about course selection
  • Registration Notes

    • We rely heavily on accurate and sincere course selection choices made by students to build a master schedule and assign educators.
    • Scheduling is a complex process; budgets, staffing, and resource needs are based on requests received by students.
    • It is critical that students select appropriate classes of interest, including alternate classes. Courses that do not have enough interest may not be offered.  There may also be times when we have significant interest, yet cannot accommodate all requests due to building or staffing constraints.

2023-2024 OHS Academic & Career Planning Guide

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.