Positive Behavior Interventions & Support (PBIS)

  • Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports is part of the Oregon School District's Multi-Level Systems of Support Model that addresses academic, social/emotional, behavioral, and mental health wellness needs of students.

Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS)
  • RCI utilizes Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS), which is a framework for creating clear behavioral expectations.  By creating clear expectations for a positive learning environment, we can diminish problem behaviors and encourage the positive climate that supports student success.  Each school in the Oregon School District utilizes a PBIS framework. This will lead to consistent behavioral expectations as the students move from grade to grade and school to school in the district.

    We believe that we cannot expect what we do not teach. Therefore, we spend time teaching our learners about the behavioral expectations at RCI and we revisit these expectations throughout the year.  We have our expectations posted throughout the school but we summarize the expectations in the use of the word ROAR: Respect Self and Others, Act Safely and Responsibly.

    As we discuss what this ROAR looks like, we emphasize points such as:

    • Use kind words and actions
    • Be respectful and follow the directions of adults in the building
    • Have a “Can Do” attitude HFO (hands, feet, and objects to yourself)
    • Tell an adult about dangerous situations
    • Please walk, don’t run
    • Be on time
    • Keep your surroundings clean
    • Know and follow RCI expectations
    • Be an RCI Panther!

    In addition to ROAR, there are several components of PBIS that are unique to RCI:

    Dedication that leads to mutual respect:  As you walk the halls of RCI, you will notice Professional Educator Dedication Statements framed and hung near all offices and classrooms in the building.  Please take the time to read these.  All staff including administrators, teachers, cooks, custodians, educational assistants, and secretaries have written personal statements to tell us why they are here - why they are dedicated to helping all our learners reach the level of success they choose to reach.  

    In the first few days of the school year, your child’s teachers will share their dedication statements with them. In turn the teachers will ask the children to write their own dedication promises – a promise to themselves about what they want to accomplish at school this year.