Drop Off and Parking

  • Parking Map  

  • Please review the basics of our parking area and drop-off/pick-up zones. There is no two way traffic in the area; all lanes are one way. Please turn right directly into the parking area from Soden Drive and enter the far aisle, drive slowly, loop around to Netherwood Knoll, and pull into the most forward available spot to either drop off or pick up your child(ren). If you are coming into the building or meeting your child somewhere outside, please park your car in the lot. Drivers should never leave their car unattended in the striped zone.

    Please be aware that students should only be exiting vehicles on the curb side and drivers should not be getting out of vehicles in the yellow striped drop off only lane. This is a fire  lane and is not for parking at any time. During drop off, open car doors and individuals in the traffic lane create dangerous situations. Please park your vehicle in the lot if you need to get out, unload on the driver side, or escort your child into the building. Please pay special attention to the crosswalks and to the person directing the flow of traffic. We ask that cell phones are put down. The area is very busy and we strive to keep everyone safe.