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  • How to Report An Absence:

    1. Call 608-835-4200 (Option 1), which is available 24 hours per day.
    2. Please clearly state:
      1. Child's Name (First and Last)
      2. Teacher's Name
      3. Date of Absence
      4. Reason for Absence
      5. Your Name

    Please call before 8:05 a.m. for a same day absence or the school will contact you. We do that to be sure the child is safe. In addition, sending medical documentation and/or a note on the day your child returns to school stating the reason for absence would be helpful. Have your child take the note to the teacher. Doctor notes are recorded as “M”. Parent notes are recorded as parent requests and unexcused after ten.

    If someone is going to pick up work for an absent student, we ask that you contact the teacher or office early in the morning. You may also leave a message on the attendance line. The classroom teacher will then have time to gather materials.

    Please note: Children are expected to be in their classroom by 7:50 a.m. All children arriving after 7:50 a.m. should report to the office with their guardian to sign in. They will receive a pass to be admitted to class. Absences will be recorded by total minutes. All absences and late arrivals are recorded.

    Reporting Student Absences

    Parents are legally responsible for their children’s school attendance according to the state law of Wisconsin. According to School Board policy: “A student may be excused by the parent/guardian for not more than (10) ten days in the school year if the absences are pre-arranged and the student completes missed coursework”.

    The following absences, per Oregon School District Board Policy 433.03.3, are considered excused:

    • Personal illness. A written medical statement may be required.
    • Medical appointment. A written medical statement is required.
    • Acute family crisis, serious illness, or death of immediate family.
    • Religious observances.
    • Special cases in which an excuse from the Attendance Officer has been secured in advance of the absence.

    Extended Absences

    It is the school’s responsibility to provide students an opportunity to learn. When scheduling vacations, please keep in mind that the time missed from school can never really be “made up.” However, we understand there are times when a vacation during the school year is a family’s only option.

    Special situations (e.g., competitions or performances) may arise during the school year. These absences will be handled the same as vacations, with the work being made up when the student returns.

    We respectfully encourage that you carefully consider the educational impact of a family vacation during the school year. Our wish is to maximize your child’s school success and we can do that best when your child is present each and every day.

    Please refer to the district policy (Attendance Policy and Truancy Procedures, 8.09) for further information.

    Returning to School or Leaving School During the School Day

    Students who must leave school during the school day for an appointment or illness must be picked up at the Prairie View Office. Parents must sign out their child at the office. Students returning to school during the school day must sign in with a guardian at the office before returning to class. This includes students who are late for school. They will receive a pass to be admitted to class.

    Attendance Policy for Medical Appointments

    The attendance policy for medical appointments (e.g., doctor, dentist, orthodontist, etc.) requires students to return from their appointment with medical documentation from the medical/appointment office. If medical documentation is not brought back, the absence will appear in Infinite Campus as “Absent- Parent Request” (AP). If such absences exceed ten, the absence will appear as “Parent Unexcused” (PUX). This is a district wide policy.