• To Reserve an indoor or outdoor SCHOOL DISTRICT PROPERTY, Click Here. See Directions below.


    The Village has taken over ALL reservations for VILLAGE PROPERTY (parks and shelters). To reserve these, CLICK HERE.


    To Reserve the PAC, Click Here

    Step 1: Sign in
    Step 2: Choose Event Type (Community Non-Profit), a brief description, and number of attendees (maximum rough estimate)
    Step 3: Click Continue
    Step 4: Choose a specific location or leave on "Any Locations".
    Step 5: Choose facility type (can choose multiple with shift or ctrl) and then the specific area
    Step 6: Ignore amenities and click continue
    Step 7: Check the box on the left and click continue
    Step 7: Choose your date range and times needed
    Step 8: Click on the days needed for your program
    Step 9: Review your dates (highlighted yellow if good, highlighted black if taken)

    Step 10: Confirm, continue, and then click on "Agree to Waiver". Answer the following questions, review and submit.
    • ACTIVE.net directions:
    • Please log in first to see if you have an account.  You can put in your email address and then click forgot password.  If you already have an account in the system, Active.net will send you a link to change your password.
    • If you have already tried to enter your email address and Active.net does not recognize the email, you will need to make a new account.
    • Once you have made a new account, you can start reserving spaces.