About The PVE Garden

  • Timeline of Our Garden Journey

    • In 2014, fourth graders at PVE wanted to leave a legacy of a salad bar to help our students' health. Students wrote persuasive letters to local businesses and presented to the PTO for funds. We earned our salad bar!
    • 2015—Initial idea of creating a PVE garden took root.
    • 2015/2016 school year—Parent meeting for ideas and support, PVE Garden Committe formed, meeting with members of Sustain Dane for ideas and support, grants written for tools, OHS building class led by Chris Praul built our garden shed.
    • 2016/2017 school year—Moving forward with the garden! We hosted a parent meeting and decided the original garden plan designed with Sustain Dane in 2015/2016 to be broken into phases. 

    Phase One Spring 2017

    • Students decided on the type of garden they wanted to plant in the spring with a school-wide vote. The choices were: Pizza Garden, Salsa Garden, or Salad Garden. The fourth Grade SLT members organized the voting and counted all votes.
    • Third-grade students wrote persuasive letters to local restaurants and farms in efforts to raise money for garden beds.
    • Gardenpalooza 2017 took place on Tuesday, May 30 - Friday, June 2. During these four days, parent volunteers and students prepped the garden area, built five garden beds and three planting mounds. They also filled the garden bed with compost and planted their seedlings. Students and staff worked to spread mulch and create a rock path leading to the garden.