Clubs and Activities


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    ART CLUB  

    All students are welcome to come and join us during Art Club.  Students can work on creating art in an open studio format. Meets Mondays 4:00-5:00 in room 205.  Advised by Meghan Touhey, mstouhey@oregonsd.net


    Calling all 8th grade adventurers!  Join us to create characters and complete campaigns with a fun group of people.  We have everything from spell-casting wizards to level 1 barbarians.  No experience is necessary.  We meet on Thursdays during 8th grade lunch, and our first meeting will be on Thursday, September 16th.  Stop by Ms. Hatton's classroom (184D in the 8M team area) for a pass.  Advised by Lenore Hatton, lmhatton@oregonsd.net.


    Genders & Sexualities Alliance (GSA) is a student-run club that provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, and talk about issues related to equality, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression.  GSA works to end homophobia and transphobia.  Our goal is to provide support, build community, educate, and take action to create change.   This group meets during lunch on Tuesdays, please see Ms. Wineke (190B) or Ms. Ripp (203) for a pass.  Advised by Katy Wineke, kmwineke@oregonsd.net, and Pernille Ripp, psripp@oregonsd.net


    The Oregon Middle School has after school opportunity called "Homework Club".  HWClub meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week from 4:00pm to 5:00pm.  When students sign in, they are expected to stay until 5:00pm unless parent communicates with the HWClub supervisor (Stephanie Gilbert- sog@oregonsd.net) that they can leave early. At HWClub, students have access to teachers, tutors, technology and a quiet work environment. It is a place where students can get extra help or just a quiet place to work after school.  Homework Club is voluntary and any student can attend without appointment, whenever necessary.  The Late Bus is available for students who attend Homework Club  at 5:15pm to allow transportation home if necessary.

    LITERAL PEOPLE (Creative Writing)

    Literal People is for 8th grade students interested in creative writing, drawing, and contributing to a digital literary magazine.  This is a supportive space where we share and celebrate our work and have a lot of fun!  We meet on Fridays during 8th grade lunch, and our first meeting will be on Friday, September 17th.  Stop by Ms. Hatton's classroom (184D in the 8M team area) for a pass.  Advised by Lenore Hatton, lmhatton@oregonsd.net.


    MCSU is a place for all identities, cultures, and backgrounds to come together, acknowledge the diversity of OMS, and work to transform that diversity into inclusion. By interacting and learning from each other, and hearing from guest speakers, we will promote an appreciation of ourselves and others, while broadening our understanding of the world and the diverse cultures and identities within it. MCSU is an energetic, peaceful, and safe environment for all to come together and learn without judgement.  Meetings will take place on Thursdays during 8th grade lunch in room 190c (8O team area).  We will look at adding a 7th grade option in the near future! Advised by Ms. Burton, 8th Grade Teacher bbburton@oregonsd.net and Ms. Laibly, School Counselor, kjlaibly@oregonsd.net


    OMS News Show is our school-wide news show that airs every Friday during Connections. It is run by Mr. Koenig, Administrative Intern krkoenig@oregonsd.net. Students have the opportunity to co-anchor, produce content, or run the help with final production (for one semester). Interested students should fill out an OMS News Show Application. New ideas and feedback on exciting ideas and programming are always welcome. 


    Students on this team are given the opportunity to help make decisions for our school and express their opinions on a variety of school related initiatives and issues. They work with staff on assembly and/or special event planning, school-wide Connections lessons, and also give feedback/problem solve around issues with the overall goal of improving the school climate. Meeting time will be 1 or 2 times per month during Connections.  Please contact Mr. Koenig and/or Mr. Zurawik at krkoenig@oregonsd.net or jtzurawik@oregonsd.net if you are interested.


    Restorative Justice is the process of making things right when harm has been done by taking accountability for one’s actions and repairing the harm. In schools, we use RJ as a way to solve conflicts, resolve behavior issues, offer support, and build community through circles. Students are trained as Circle Keepers to help facilitate RJ circles and meeting times will be used to problem solve and advance skills. Meetings TBD. Advised by Ms. Laibly, School Counselor, kjlaibly@oregonsd.net.          


    Yearbook Club designs, creates, and edits the middle school yearbook. Students can create the yearbook anywhere there is internet access, at a convenient time for them. Yearbook Club will also have meetings based on students’ availability.  Please email Ms. Touhey if you are interested in helping with the Yearbook this year. Advised by Meghan Touhey, mstouhey@oregonsd.net.