School Board Information

  • There are seven seats on the Oregon School District Board of Education. The elected members represent the following areas:

    • Area I - Village of Oregon (3 seats): Steve Zach, Krista Flanagan, Ahna Bizjak
    • Area II - City of Fitchburg, Town of Blooming Grove, Town of Dunn (2 seats): Heather Garrison, Kevin Mehring
    • Area III - Town of Rutland, Town of Montrose, Town of Oregon, Village of Brooklyn, Town of Brooklyn, Town of Union (2 seats): Troy Pankratz, Tim LeBrun
  • Board of Education Officers

    • President:  Steve Zach
    • Vice President:  Tim LeBrun
    • Treasurer:  Troy Pankratz
    • Clerk:  Krista Flanagan 

    Board of Education Assignments

    • CESA 2 Delegate:  Tim LeBrun
    • WASB Delegate: TBD

    Visioning Committee

    • Troy Pankratz - Chair
    • Krista Flanagan - Member
    • Kevin Mehring - Member

    Policy Committee

    • Ahna Bizjak - Chair
    • Tim LeBrun - Member
    • Heather Garrison - Member