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School Resource Officer (SRO)

The Oregon School District partners with the Village of Oregon to provide a School Resource Officer to serve our schools.

Our SRO can be reached at 608-835-4445. If you have questions or feedback about the SRO program, please email and it will be reviewed by the OSD Superintendent.

Goals of our SRO Program

The SRO Program's goals are:

  • Providing safe learning environments in our schools;
  • Providing valuable resources to school staff members;
  • Fostering positive relationships with youth;
  • Developing strategies to resolve problems affecting youth; and
  • Protecting all students so that they can reach their fullest potential.

The SRO has three main roles:

  1. Educator - as an educator, the SRO may work with students to positively influence student behavior and to mitigate more serious behaviors.
  2. Informal Counselor/Mentor - the SRO may address school violations in an effort to positively impact student behavior and character and may refer students to school personnel as necessary.
  3. Law Enforcement Officer - the SRO may engage in law enforcement activities in accordance with federal, state and local laws.

Current SRO Agreement

The 2023-2024 SRO Agreement was a collaboration between The Village of Oregon, the Oregon School District, and OSD families & community members. The SRO agreement is reviewed and updated annually.

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