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Directions to the District Office

Missing Emails?

OSD Main Attendance Line

Call 608-835-4000 then dial 1 to access attendance line.

  • Dial 6 for Oregon High School
  • Dial 5 for Oregon Middle School
    • Dial 1 for 7th grade
    • Dial 2 for 8th grade
  • Dial 4 for Rome Corners Intermediate School
    • Dial 1 for 5th grade
    • Dial 2 for 6th grade
  • Dial 1 for Brooklyn Elementary School
  • Dial 7 for Forest Edge Elementary School
  • Dial 3 for Netherwood Knoll Elementary School
  • Dial 2 for Prairie View Elementary School

When calling the Attendance Line, provide:

  • Your child’s first and last name
  • Date of absence
  • Reason for absence (include symptoms if ill or attending a doctor’s appointment)
  • Your name and contact information for further communication

If you wish to speak directly with your child's classroom teacher, please do so and also call the Attendance Line. Keep in mind that if a substitute teacher is present, messages may not be retrieved from voicemail. It's important to call within the first hour of school or the school will contact you to ensure your child's safety.

Medical documentation or a note stating the reason for absence upon your child's return to school would be helpful. Have your child deliver the note to the teacher. Doctor notes are recorded as “M”, while parent notes are recorded as parent requests and may be considered unexcused after ten instances.

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