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Meal Prices

  • National school meal programs (breakfast and lunch) are intended to be self-supporting, therefore the Oregon School District Food Service Program generates revenue through sales of food items to students and staff and does not receive taxpayer funding support.

    OSD school meal prices are determined once per year, in accordance with USDA regulations. Our goal is to keep any meal price increase to a minimum. The pricing of a school lunch and/or breakfast is determined based on costs including, but not limited to: food purchasing, supplies (napkins, soap, aprons, gloves, uniforms, etc.), replacement items (silverware, trays, equipment large and small), repairs (ovens, steamers, dish machines), salaries and benefits of food service staff. Please read through the OSD School Lunch Policies and Guidelines for information regarding our unpaid meal charge policy. 

    2021-2022 Meal Prices (per meal)


    • All students (K-12): FREE
    • Adult: $2.30


    • Grades K-12: FREE
    • Adults daily: $4.00

    Milk:    $0.40


    Breakfast includes fruit or juice, a whole grain food item (cereal, muffin, granola bar, pancakes or other) and milk. Lunch includes a choice of protein, vegetable, fruit and milk. Offerings include trans-fat free foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and there is no driving or clean-up required for our customers.

    When comparing the cost of a school meal with packing a cold lunch each day, remember to include food cost, mileage associated with grocery shopping and preparation time.

    Reminders if you choose to pack a cold lunch: 

    • Use a thermos to keep milk cold
    • Use a cold-pack to keep protein items cold so they are safe to eat
    • Lunch boxes/bags should be cleaned at least weekly to stop growth of bacteria.

    School lunch gives you the assurance that the meals are prepared according to USDA standards and requirements, including sanitation. You can be assured that OSD meals are meeting nutritional guidelines that have been designed to help in the development of life-long food choices.