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Meal Prices

  • 2022-2023 Meal Prices (per meal)

    Breakfast includes fruit or juice, a whole grain food item (cereal, muffin, granola bar, pancakes or other) and milk. Lunch includes a choice of protein, grain, vegetable, fruit and milk.

    • Students (K-12): $1.85
    • Reduced price Breakfast: $0.30
    • Adult: $2.65


    • Grades K-4: $3.00
    • Grades 5-8: $3.20
    • Grades 9-12: $3.40
    • Reduced price Lunch: $0.40
    • Adults: $4.65

    Milk:    $0.40

    Tips for packing a cold lunch:

    • Try using a thermos to keep milk cold
    • Use ice packs to keep protein items at a safe temperature until lunchtime
    • Lunch boxes/bags should be cleaned at least once per week to help stop bacteria growth

    National school meal programs (breakfast and lunch) are intended to be self-sustaining, so the Oregon School District Food Service Program generates revenue through sales of food items to students and staff, and does not receive taxpayer funding support.

    Please read through the OSD School Lunch Policies and Guidelines for information regarding our unpaid meal charge policy.