Theatre Arts

  • Welcome to Theatre Arts!  Theatre Arts is a survey class on the topic of theatre. Students in this class will experience almost all of the different aspects of theatre.   Listed below is the schedule for the course and elements that are covered. Students may take Theatre Arts for English credit or for elective credit.  All students are welcome to take the class.  Previous theatre experience is not required for the class.  

    Theatre Arts Course Outline:

    Lighting Design and Equipment (Oedipus Rex and Death of a Salesman)
    Set Design and Construction* (OHS Musical)
    Costume Design (Shakespeare Comedy)
    Directing (The Glass Menagerie)
    Monologues/Monologue Analysis (The Laramie Project)
    Acting (Monologues, One-Act Plays/Scenes)
    Theatre Games

    *In the years the class occurs during the 2nd semester, a One-Act will be performed for Fine Arts Week