English 9 Extended

  • Welcome to English 9 Extended!

    English Department Mission: 

    Through implementation of best practices in English instruction, the English Department will provide students a challenging and interesting curriculum that is rich with relevancy and diversity and that promotes lifelong learning, critical thinking, personal responsibility, and global citizenship.  By addressing not only the domains of English but also the needs of the whole student, the English Department will engage students in learning that emphasizes effective communication, mastery of the mechanics of English, close reading and analysis, and skills for both college and the workplace. 


    English 9 Extended Course Description:


    English 9 Extended is a course designed to build skill in English while reviewing and practicing the fundamentals of language arts: reading, writing, and speaking.  Students will work on vocabulary comprehension, silent sustained reading, the writing process, and public speaking.  Students are expected to also use this class as a resource for help in other English classes. 

    English 9 Extended Grading Policy:

    Summative assessments will account for 80% of a student’s final grade, summative assessments include:

    Articles of the Week: 20% of a student’s final grade

    SSR Reading and Journals: 20% of a student’s final grade

    SSR Book Talks: 15% of a student’s final grade

    Essay writing: 25% of a student’s final grade

    Formative assessments will account for 0% of a student’s final grade, formative assessments include:

    Formative assessments will also be given, but will not be added to the formula that calculates a student’s final grade.  Formative assessments will be given feedback and recorded in the gradebook, but these assessments will not contribute to the final grade of a student.


    A Final Summative Exam/Project will account for 20% of a student’s final grade.


     The Final Summative Exam/Project will be a cumulative assignment that assesses the students’ overall knowledge and content retention.  The assessment is designed to give students an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and achievement.