Shakespeare Interpretation Unit

  • Shakespeare Interpretation Unit Assessment


    Did you know? Many television shows and movies are modern interpretations of Shakespearean plays. For example, The Office aired an episode which featured Dwight as Macbeth, Angela as his wife Lady Macbeth, and Michael as the king. The following is an English project that uses this episode, as well as a few others, to fuse together the Macbeth storyline.

    The Office Macbeth English Project

    Students often view Shakespeare as stuffy, meaningless, and old. However, Shakespearean comedies and tragedies are timeless stories that transcend the boundaries of time. In fact, many allusions to Shakespearean plays reveal themselves repeatedly in our modern culture. Understanding the core elements of Shakespearean comedies and tragedies helps students better understand the world around them. 

    While working in this unit, you will gain experience in what it might be like to be a playwright, actor, and literary critic.

    In addition, you will be challenged to answer the essential questions:

    -         “How can Shakespeare’s work still be relevant today?”

    -         “How can modern language demonstrate the original intent and meaning of Shakespeare’s plays?” 

    This unit will include 3 student tasks:

    1. Create a glossary of important Shakespearean quotations
    2. Craft and perform a modern adaptation of a Shakespearean comedy/tragedy
    3. Provide a written reflection on your specific choices in creating your modern adaptation script

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