Modern Adaptation Reflection

  • Students will write at least a one-page reflection and analysis of their script and presentation.  In the reflection and analysis, students will examine and analyze their word choices, uses of figurative language, and choices for structuring the scene, and compare them to Shakespeare’s word choices, uses of figurative language, and original intent of the scene. Students should reflect on the choices they have made in order to modernize the concept of the original scene while maintaining some aspects of Shakespeare’s original intention for the scene.

    For example:

    Possible excerpt from a student reflection:

    …in this scene Romeo and Juliet are meeting for only the second time.  After Juliet’s soliloquy on the balcony, Romeo makes his presence known.  However, instead of Romeo professing his love for Juliet by stating, “With love's light wings did I o'er-perch these walls” (II.ii.66), our Romeo takes a more modern approach to his courtship. We did not think that a modern Romeo would express his love in such an obvious manner. Instead our Romeo makes an allusion to what might be one of the modern Romeo’s favorite books, Twilight.  We chose this allusion specifically because we felt that Edward and Bella are themselves a modern-day Romeo and Juliet…

    Note: The words in bold are examples of students demonstrating knowledge of Shakespearean and figurative language terms previously unknown to them. To exceed proficiency, students may demonstrate improved language skills by including both Shakespearean and figurative language terms in their reflection.

    Requirements (for proficiency):

    • The reflection must be at least two pages in length.
    • The reflection should analyze at least 3 different choices made in the adaptation of the scene. 
    • The mechanics of the reflection should not interfere with reader understanding. 

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