Digital Media Presentation

  • Societal Connections Digital Media Presentation

    In this digital media presentation, you will examine societal connections between a modern society and the societies in Watership Down.  After you have picked a country, you will research the country and find 5 different and specific connections that can be made between that country and the societies in the novel.

    Your task in the presentation is to show how these connections are relevant and allegorical.  You must use some type of digital media in the presentation and the presentation must be interactive in order to add interest into your subject matter. 

    Each presentation must have the following:

    • Use of digital media
    • 3 specific and detailed connections/assertions
    • 3 pieces of textual evidence from Watership Down to support your assertions
    • 3 pieces of textual evidence from 3 different, and distinct non-fiction research sources
    • Each piece of textual evidence must be correctly cited in MLA format in the presentation
    • Ample support and analysis in addition to the quotes/assertions
    • An element of the presentation that is interactive and increases interest in the subject matter
    • Graphical and textual elements (more than just pictures from the Watership Down movie)
    • The presentation must be polished and practiced 

    Here are some ideas/websites that you may find handy for your presentation:

    • Prezi - great presentation website that allows you to create unique presentations
    • Socrative- a classroom tool that can be used to poll students, make quizzes, and other engaging and interactive techniques
    • a backchannel chat site that allows you to set up a room and "tweet"/microblog during presentations
    • Joinme -an app that allows ipad, iphone, or other tablets/laptops to be shown a presentation

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