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Socratic Discussions

  • Over the next few weeks our class will be participating in graded, Socratic discussions.   Socratic discussions are in-class discussions in which you will be discussing the events and elements of a novel with your peers.   These discussions will help you to comprehend the novel, make broader connections to the world, and to practice your ability to communicate your ideas clearly and persuasively.   These discussions can only work if you:


    1.      Participate

    2.      Prepare


    How do you prepare for a discussion?  Here is a list of handy tips:


    1.      Read the assigned material and annotate/bookmark important passages/sections

    2.      Prepare a list of questions to possibly ask during the discussion

    3.      Create 5 questions that are probing questions that require one to use higher level Bloom’s Taxonomy skills to answer

    4.      Practice answering your own questions with citations from the text and refraining from using filler words like “um, like, or uh, etc…”


    On each discussion day you will be graded on your participation in the discussion, your ability to express your ideas, your ability to build upon the ideas of others, and your ability to use the text as a resource in your discussion. 

    Also, you must turn in a list of 5 higher level thinking questions that you have prepared for the discussion. 


    You can earn up to 40 points in each discussion and 15 points for each set of questions you complete.  


    Your participation in the discussion is not dependant on how much or loudly you speak, but on the quality and thoughtfulness of your questions and responses.  Keep in mind that participating in a discussion also requires you to listen and be attentive to what others are saying. 


    Here is the rubric that will be used:



    Socratic Discussion Rubric


    Below Proficient


    Exceeds Proficient


    The student participates actively in collaborative discussions with his/her peers.



    The student’s ideas are expressed clearly and persuasively and demonstrate an understanding of the text.



    The student builds upon the ideas of other to help express and demonstrate an understanding of the text.



    The student uses the text when discussing and provides appropriate and meaningful citations from the text to support his/her main ideas.



    Total:______/40 points                                                                              Grade:________


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