Honors English 11


    This is a college preparation course, and therefore, enrolled students should read and write well, thoroughly understand grammar concepts, have a fairly large working vocabulary, and possess good study and time-management skills.  With that being said, students will continue to review and hone grammar and composition skills, develop a more extensive vocabulary, and write a literary research paper which includes MLA citation methods.  Additionally, students will study various genres of American literature with the goal of creating meaning through the exploration of three essential questions.

    §         What makes American literature American?

    §         What is the relationship between place and literature?

    §         How does literature shape or reflect society?

    Specific units of study include:

    • A Gathering of Voices:  Literature of Early America
    • The Scarlet Letter
    • A Growing Nation:  Literature of the American Renaissance
    • Twelve Years a Slave
    • Division, Reconciliation, & Expansion:  Literature of the Civil War & the Frontier
    • Disillusion, Defiance, & Discontent:  Literature of the Mondern Age
    • The Crucible
    • Essay Writing
    • Vocabulary Development
    • Paper of Literary Analysis

    Please note that all course materials will be posted in Schoology.  Students will create an account and receive a login.  Parents may request a login by contacting me at hjd@oregonsd.net.