• Wellness is an essential part of being back together and is a top priority in educating and serving the whole child. We understand that there are mental, social & emotional and physical components to whole child wellness.  

Mental Wellness

  • The ongoing pandemic has posed challenges to all of us. Our teachers, staff and student services team will continue working together to prioritize building relationships and caring for the mental and social & emotional wellness of our students. Highlights include:

    • Continuing to expand Student Services team to support needs of our students. 
    • Prioritizing relationship building and creating a culture of belonging and inclusion.
    • Identifying student needs and measuring successes using the Panorama survey tool.
    • Continuing to update calming spaces available to students at each building.

    Our student services team has compiled a list of student & family resources. You are also always welcome to connect directly with the student services team at your school. We are here to support you!

Physical Wellness

  • OSD Health and safety policies (Policy 565 and Policy 566) are based on protocols proven to keep students and staff safe and in school with minimal disruptions (in-person to virtual), inlcuding:

    • Masking indoors for all teachers, staff and students (optional outdoors); and on buses (Federal regulations require masks for all riders on school transportation, including co-curricular events, regardless of age and vaccination status) - see CDC Guide to Masks;
    • Panther Pledge daily home health screening checklist;
    • Personal hygiene practices (handwashing, sanitizing, covering coughs/sneezes);
    • Physical distancing to the extent possible; 
    • Cleaning & sanitizing procedures;
    • Contact tracing & COVID testing procedures.

    A summary of our health and safety protocols can be found in our Back Together Plan / Plan de Regreso a la Escuela. Our policies are continually reviewed and updated based on the most recent guidance and feedback.

  • Teaching and Learning

  • Mental & Physical Wellness