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  • Nutrition education is a core component of Farm to School. Where food comes from, and what it does in our body, is important knowledge. Below, please find several fun lessons and activities for your family or classroom to use!


    This page is updated whenever new activities become available. 

    For garden-related activities, please look at the School Gardens page.

  • Wisconsin Traditional Foods & Crops

    Wisconsin Traditional Foods & Crops

    This lesson educates students about the traditional crops and foods Wisconsin is known for.

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  • The Process of Cheese Making

    The Process of Cheese Making

    Wisconsin is known as the Dairy State! So why not educate students about how dairy is produced?!

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  • The Art of Pie Making

    The Art of Pie Making

    This lesson educates students about the food science that is involved in pie making. Although making a pie may seem 'easy', there is a lot of science that is involved to create a delicious, flaky, tender pie crust!

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  • The Art of Fermentation

    The Art of Fermentation

    This lesson discusses what fermented foods are and the health benefits associated with these foods!

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  • Food Justice

    Food Justice

    This lesson discusses delicate topics, such as food justice, insecurity, and food miles. This is an important topic to educate about, since the more people knowing about food justice and sovereignty, will help increase awareness and access for everyone to have the right to healthy, culturally appropriate, nutrient dense food.

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