Fall Device & Material Pickup

  • Below are the dates for device and school material curbside pickup.

    Device Pickup

    Please note the following:

    • Grades K-8: Each student in Kindergarten - Grade 8 will have a bag to pick up
      at their school; you must go to the school in which the student is assigned to
      retrieve your student’s bag.
    • Grades 9-12: Due to the complexity of OHS schedules and the wide variety of
      courses offered for students, compiling materials is a large undertaking.
      Therefore, the first day of material pickup will be Thursday (9/3) for OHS
      students. We encourage families to pick up materials on Thursday and Friday if
      at all possible and use Tuesday (9/8) only as a last alternative.
    • Grades K-2 (Phased Restart): if you will be attending an in-person
      Ready-Start-Go conference, you will receive your bag at the conference and do
      not need to do a curbside pickup.

    Each school has sent emails to families with school-specific information. Check your Campus Portal inbox for these, and other district emails.

School Specific Instructions