November Curbside Material Pickup: November 11, 12:00-6:00 PM

  • The next curbside pickup for grades K-6 will be Wednesday, November 11. The following students should pick up materials:

    • Grades K-2 Oregon Online (Phased Restart grades K-2 who are attending in-person cohorts will receive their materials in class).  
    • Grades 3-4 (all students, all schools)
    • Grades 5-6 grade students at Forest Edge Elementary School

    NOTE: RCI students have received all materials they need until December and will not have a scheduled curbside pickup date in November.

Additional Details

  • Who needs to pick up a bag?

  • Where will I pick up materials?

  • What will I be picking up?

  • Who can pick up?

  • How long should I expect to wait?

  • What if there is an ill person in my household?

Procedures for Safe Pickup

  • What do I need ahead of time?
    To help make the pickup process go as quickly and efficiently as possible, please make a sign that clearly indicates your student’s name, grade, and teacher (you may use the attached sign, if you prefer). Please make a separate sign for each student. The sign should be large enough to be read from at least six feet outside of your car window.

    When you arrive for curbside pick up: 

    1. Pull up to the pickup location.
    2. Please remain in your car and keep your windows closed. Make sure that your windshield sign is displayed so staff can read the sign. 
    3. Pop your trunk open, remain in your car, and a staff member will put the bag with the instructional materials in your trunk.