Work Group

  • The Oregon School District Board of Education has established a work group to review factual information and options regarding start and end times of the district school day. Specific details on the work group tasks are outlined in the Board of Education Charge (under Files & Documents below on this page).

    The work group presented its report to the Board during the February 24, 2020 Board meeting. The Board will discuss the report again at the March 9, 2020 Board meeting. The final decision on school start and end times is reserved to the Board.

Work Group Members

  • The work group was comprised of representatives from the following groups: parents from the 4K, elementary, intermediate, middle and high school levels; a similar composition of teachers; two Board members, and administrative team members. Dr. Leslie Bergstrom facilitated the work group meetings.

    Work Group Final  

Work Group Meetings

  • Work group meetings were open to the public and were noticed in the same way as School Board meetings. All meetings were held from 6:00-8:00 PM in the Innovation Center at Oregon High School. The first 10 minutes of each meeting were reserved for public comment. Below were the work group's meeting dates:

    • Tuesday, January 28
    • Monday, February 3
    • Tuesday, February 11
    • Tuesday, February 18