Oregon School District Map

Oregon School District Map

District Facts

    • The Oregon School District (OSD) extends past Brooklyn to the South and almost to Hwy 12/18 (beltline) to the North
    • OSD covers 81.1 square miles (56,384 acres)

    • OSD includes all or parts of 10 municipalities within 3 counties

    • All who live within the District boundaries (grey area) are OSD residents and pay taxes to the Oregon School District

    • OSD currently has 7 schools (4 elementary, 1 intermediate, 1 middle, 1 high school)
    • The District currently serves over 4,100 students and is project to grow by an additional 2,000 students by the year 2030

    • All schools within our District received a rating of "Exceeds" or "Significantly Exceeds" expectations on WI Dept. of Public Education 2017-2018 State Report Cards