Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

    To request Family Medical Leave except for birth/adoption of a child, you should do the following:

    1. Send an FMLA request form to Jina Jonen. FMLA Request Form

    2. Have your medical professional complete the medical certification form. They can email to Jina Jonen or fax to her attention at (608) 835-4044.

    Health Care Provider Employee Condition   Health Care Provider Family Member

    3. Review Your Rights and Responsibilities. FMLA Rights and Responsibilities

    4. Enter your leave in AESOP and prepare lessons plans if needed. 

    5. If the leave is for your own condition, have your medical professional send a written notice that you are able to return to work before you return. 

    Funeral Leave

    You have up to 5 days of emergency leave for bereavement that is deducted from your sick leave.

    Jury Duty

    If you are summoned for jury duty, you can take professional leave to attend. You just make your jury fee check payable to the Oregon School District and send to Tammy Liddle. You should enter your absence in AESOP, select professional leave, and put jury duty in the notes. If you do not end up being summoned, you can cancel your leave in AESOP or contact Tammy to do so if you are not able.

    All other leaves such as sick leave, personal leave and holidays are detailed in the Employee Handbook that is found on the Human Resources home page. 

    Sick Leave Bank

    If you have a catastrophic illness or accident, and have exhausted all your paid leave, you can request sick leave from the sick leave bank. See the Employee Handbook for details. Please fill out this form and send to Lisa Christensen. Sick Leave Bank Request Form