Social Studies

  • Our mission as social studies educators is to teach students the content knowledge, intellectual skills, and civic values necessary for fulfilling the duties of citizenship in a participatory democracy.

Phone: (608) 835-4341


Degrees and Certifications:

Kyle Oksiuta


Joined OHS In: 2011

Teaching Since: 2008

Current Teaching: United States History, Psychology, AP Psychology, World Civilizations

Education: Bachelor of Science, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (2006)

Phone: (608) 835-4382


Degrees and Certifications:

Becky Piper-Hayhurst

Joined OHS In: 2002

Teaching Since: 2002

Currently Teaching: Sociology, Go Global, World Civilizations

Education: B.A. in History with a Women's Studies Certificate from the U.W. Madison, M.A. in History with an Archival, Museum and Editing Certificate from Duquesne University, Teacher's Certification in Broad Field Social Studies from Concordia University 

Phone: (608) 835-1309


Degrees and Certifications:

Kelly Ranallo


Joined OSD In: 2014

Teaching Since: 2014

Currently Teaching: AVID and US History 9

Education: BA in History from Carroll University with Broad Field Social Studies Licensure highlighting Sociology and Psychology

Phone: (608) 835-4342


Degrees and Certifications:

Tony Renlund

Joined OHS In: 2000

Teaching Since: 1998

Currently Teaching: Recent American History, AP Economics, Contemporary U.S. History

Education: BS Education from UW Madison (1998), MS Educational Psychology from UW Madison (2004)

Phone: (608) 835-4313


Degrees and Certifications:

Charles Slusser

Joined OHS In: July, 1995

Teaching Since: January, 1995

Currently Teaching: World Civilizations, Political Science, Forum

Education: Bachelor of Arts in History with minors in Political Science and German from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville (1994), German Language Certification from the Collegium Palatinum, Heidelberg, Germany (1994), Teaching Certification for grades 6-12 in History, Political Science, and German from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville (1994), Masters of Arts in History with an emphasis on the United States Constitution from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire (2011)

Phone: (608) 835-4348


Degrees and Certifications:

Sean Stokes

Joined OHS In: 2017
Teaching Since: 1986
Currently Teaching: US History 9, World Civilizations, Online and Psychology
Education: BA-History Lawrence University (1986)  MSE--Special Education (UW-Whitewater--2000)

Phone: (608) 835-4387


Degrees and Certifications:

Ben Temeyer

Joined OHS in: August 2016

Teaching Since: 2010

Currently Teaching: AP World History and US History 9

Education: Bachelor of the Arts- History

Phone: (608) 835-4343


Degrees and Certifications:

Mathew Weber

Joined OHS In: 2020

Teaching Since: 2014

Currently Teaching: World Civilization and Forum

Education: BS-Geography in Urban and Regional Planning, Environmental Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing Certificate from UW-Whitewater, Broadfield Social Studies Teaching Lincensure from Edgewood College.

Phone: (608) 835-4440


Degrees and Certifications:

Chris Wiegman

Joined OHS In: 2019-2020 School Year

Teaching Since: 2013

Currently Teaching: US History 9 and AP US History

Education: BA: UW-Platteville, MSE: UW-Whitewater