Our Goals

RCI Building
  • Competency

    Reading and Math: All learners will show growth; learners identified during the fall testing window in the follow categories of:

    • At or below District benchmark (40th percentile) will show growth at a rate higher than 55 SGP as measured by the Star SGP* or at least 1.5 years growth as measured by the F&P (for Reading)
    • Above expected proficiency, will show growth at a rate of 55 SGP or higher*


    RCI will increase the # of students who respond agree or strongly agree to the statement: Students at this school treat me with respect.


    RCI will maintain/increase the # of students, staff and parents who report that RCI is a safe environment and meets the academic needs of all learners.


    RCI will improve communications with parents regarding student progress resulting in a higher % of parents responding positively to the three indicator questions.

    *The student growth percentile (SGP) measures student growth to that of his or her academic peers nationwide. By using a growth measurement we are examining data to ensure all learners make growth from their present-level of performance.


  • Whole Child

    • Focusing on meeting the needs of individidual students through the work of grade level intervention teams (Rtl), problem solving teams, and building trauma teams.
    • Strengthening supports mental health needs through Mental Health Task Force
    • Guiding student behaviors through the use of the Nurtured Heart Approach and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
    • Providing students in need the basic necessities through a Care Closet (Items: clothes, food, and school supplies)

    Educational Equity

    • Providing professional development to all staff to minimize/eliminate barriers to student success through collaboration between Building Equity Team and the National Equity Project
    • Analyzing academic and behavior data to develop success plans to minimize/eliminate achievement gaps
    • Providing resources to students in need in order to access all education opportunities
    • Maintaining nurturing classroom that focus on kindness, tolerance and equity

     Relevant and Empowering Learning Experiences

    • Focusing on instruction and student learning through: learning targets, feedback to the learner, and personalized learning.
    • Providing lessons focused on character traits, self-regulation, and other aspects of social-emotion growth
    • RCI's Theory of Action allows staff to collaborate purposefully to design relevant and empowering learning experiences that speak to the whold child, so that ALL students will acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to achieve their individual potential.

    Caring and Professional Educators

    • Groups of teachers in Professional Learning Communities (PLC's) focusing on student learning and experiences through the lens of Highly Effective Practices and Equity.
    • Providing opportunities for staff to engage in dialogue to increase positive relationships through events that celebrate student and staff successes
    • Offering Student Cetnered Coaching Cycles that facilitate a collaborative partnership to increase student achievement.

    Strong Family and Community Partnerships

    • Parent involvement through RCI Parent Connections Group (bi-monthly meeting of parents and staff to foster a partnership that supports the needs of each learner)
    • Family and Community involvement in the development of Green Space/Outdoor Classroom, fundraising, and End of the Year 6th Grade Celebration
    • Community involvement through partnerships with local support agencies, mentorships, and businesses
    • Frequent communication between home and school via email blasts, team blogs, and team websites