Welcome to the Oregon School District

  • We are honored to have the privilege of serving 4,100+ students from the terrific communities that comprise the Oregon School District. We understand and appreciate the trust parents and community members place in us, and we are committed to providing a personalized education for each student.

    One of our core values, Whole Child Emphasis, captures the idea that we exist to ensure all children are healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged. As a parent of Oregon graduates, I have first-hand experience of how powerful this approach is for students. Every year, I have the pleasure of seeing your children thrive with a strong education and foundation for their future.   

    The success of our District is the result of a deep commitment and support from students and families, educators, the Board of Education and our community. With these partnerships, we have undergone several important initiatives that support our students and connect with the greater Oregon community. Most recently, the community voted to support a solution to address population growth in the Oregon School District in the next 10 -12 years. The solution includes building a new elementary school in the northern part of our District for the 2020-2021 school year. 

    We remain committed to continuous improvement and will always look for opportunities to move our strong District forward. We will do this together with our community to achieve a plan that realizes our collective goals and dreams.

    On behalf of the Oregon School District, I thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Our best days are yet to come and we are so pleased you are a part of our future. We look forward to seeing you in our schools!

    Dr. Brian S. Busler
    Oregon School District Superintendent

  • Our Mission Statement

    "The mission of the Oregon School District
    is to educate by helping students acquire the
    skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to
    achieve their individual potential, to contribute
    to a changing society and to be receptive
    to learning as a lifelong process..."

  • Our Values

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