Saving for Retirement

  • The Oregon School District offers three benefits that help employees save for save for retirement: the Wisconsin Retirement System, a 403b plan and the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Plan (a 457 plan).

403(b) Plan and 457 Plan

  • How do I set up a 403(b) account or change my contributions?

    1. Choose a vendor from our approved vendor list below.

    2. Contact the vendor to open an account.

    3. Click on the link below to enroll online through OMNI, our third-party vendor for our 403(b) plan. 

    4. OMNI will notify us of your salary deductions. You may also want to email the Payroll Specialist to ensure she receives the information. 

    5. Check your payroll information to ensure that your deductions are accurate.  

    Who Are the District's 403(b) Vendors? Vendor List

    What is a 403(b)?  OMNI Website

    Enroll in a 403(b) or Change Contributions OMNI Instructions


    How to set up a 457 account with the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Plan?

    1.  Go to

    2.  Click on the register button.

    3.  Clcik on I have a plan enrollment code

    3.  Enter the Group ID 98971-01

    4.  Enter the Enrollment Code:  kBhs3EBf  (this changes periodically, so contact HR for a new code if this does not work). 

    5.  Plan Enrollment Expiration Date: February 1, 2022.

    What is the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Plan? WDC Plan

    Enroll in the plan or change your contributions WDC Enrollment


    What is the Difference Between a 403(b) Plan and a 457 Plan? Comparison to 403(b)

WI Retirement System