Parent Resources

  • Rome Corners Student Services
    Parent and Teacher Resources

    These items are avaiable for check out in the guidance office.
    Building Success Through Parent Involvement (kit)
    Preparing for the Drug (Free) Years
    Active Parenting Today
    Living With 10-15 Year Olds
    Win the Whining War and Other Skirmishes
    The Answer is NO
    Spelling for Parents
    How to Help Students Succeed
    That’s My Child: Strategies for Parents of Children with Disabilities
    Parent Talk: Words that Empower, Words that Wound; How to talk to your children in language that builds self-esteem and encourages responsibility
    Pearls of Love and Logic for Parents
    Meeting the Challenge: Using Love and Logic to help children develop attention and behavior skills
    When Gifted Kids Don't Have All the Answers
    Keys to Parenting Your Anxious Child
    The Ritalin-Free Child; Managing Hyperactivity and Attention Deficits Without Drugs
    Parenting 911: How to Safeguard and Rescue Your 10-15 Year Old from Substance Abuse, Depression, Sexual Encounters, Violence, Failure in School, Danger on the Internet, and Other Risky Situations
    The Roller-Coaster Years: Raising your Child Through the Maddening Yet Magical Middle School Years
    Cliques: 8 Steps to Help Your Child Survive the Social Jungle
    Teaching with Love and Logic
    Hope for Underachieving Kids
    Secrets of Stepparenting
    Childhood Lying, Stealing & Cheating
    Teacher in Charge
    Love Me Enough to Set Limits
    Avoiding Power Struggles with Kids
    Didn’t I Tell You to Take Out the Trash?
    Raising the Odds for Responsible Behavior
    Creating Consistent School Discipline
    Quick and Easy Classroom Interventions
    Four Steps to Responsibility
    Putting Parents at Ease
    Parenting with Love and Logic
    The Life Saver Kit
    Developing Character in Teens
    Trouble-Free Teens
    Hormones and Wheels
    Calming the Chaos: Behavior Improvement Strategies for the Child with ADHD
    Winning the Homework Battle
    Attention Deficit Disorder: Workable Solutions
    Responsible Parents Raise Responsible Kids
    Love and Logic Solutions; Unbeatable answers to parents' most asked questions about raising kids.