• Rome Corners Intermediate Groups

    S.O.S. (Study and Organizational Skills): For children who needs extra guidance in making the transition to intermediate school and the study skills necessary to be a successful student.
    You and Me: For children who want to learn social skills and problem solving strategies to use when dealing with friends.
    Family ChangeFor students who are struggling with a significant family change. This change may be due to a divorce, remarriage or step-family situation.
    Concerned PersonsFor children who are concerned about the alcohol or drug use of a significant person in their lives. The person may be currently using or in recovery.
    Coping With Grief: For children who are dealing with the death of a loved one. Memories, stages of grief, and coping skills will be discussed.
    Stop, Think, and Act: For children who struggle with expressing anger in appropriate ways; effective strategies will be learned and practiced.
    Got a Grip: Students will learn causes and signs of stress, and learn strategies to cope with it effectively.
     *Let's Make Lemonade: Co-facilitated with the school nurse, this group is for students with chronic health conditions who may benefit from support and interactions with peers.
    Proud to Be Me: This group will help students identify their strengths, appreciate the strengths of others, and learn more about themselves.
    Resiliency Group: For students who may be bullied and teased. Students benefit from support, interactions with peers, and problem solving strategies.
    Jog Your Mind and Body: The benefits of these lunch hour groups include a "time out" from the traditional closed-space school environment, a release for anxiety and stress through physical activity, and improved self-concept through personal accomplishment. Choose a walking or running group. 
    Yoga: This lunch hour group helps de-stress, encourages creative play, improves mood, enhances learning and a sense of personal well-being.
    * These groups require the assistance of additional staff.