General Information

  • RCI Guidance and

    Counseling Program


    General Information

    Parent communication is very important and we welcome your active participation in your child's growth and academic success.   Parents are welcome to email or call at anytime.  As part of this partnership, we will be featuring articles in Mr. Zurawik's parent newsletters. We work to provide resources for various parenting concerns.  We are an integral part of the evening Strengthening Families course that is offered twice annually, in the Fall and late Winter.

    Classroom Developmental Guidance

    All Rome Corners student participate in classroom lessons with a school counselor.  In 5th grade, we use a curriculum entitled Second Step, which focuses on social and academic success.  Units include Empathy, Emotion Management and Problem Solving.  Fifth graders also do a unit on Careers.  In 6th grade, students begin  their Academic and Career Plan, which they will continue to develop  through 12th grade.  We engage in self-exploration, including learning styles and personal  interests. Students explore careers, using an on-line program called Career Cruising.

    Small Group Opportunities

    Throughout the school year, students are offered the opportunity to participate in small counseling groups.  The groups are tailored to address specific concerns, including family change, grief/loss, anxiety, anger management, academic/organizational skills, concerned persons and incarcerated parent. Support groups run 6-10 weeks during the school day.  Students will bring a sign-up brochure home for some of the groups (eg. family change and grief/loss) and some groups will be determined by data gathered at school.

    In addition to support groups, we offer fun and valuable groups during lunch and recess, including yoga, stamping, chess, running, and walk and roll.

    Individual Counseling Sessions

    Classroom guidance and small group settings do not always provide enough time or an appropriate place to talk with students. Students, parents, teachers and principals my request individual guidance times. There may also be times when we feel we need to invite a student to see us.