Forest Edge Elementary School (FES)

  • Forest Edge Elementary School is currently being built as a K-6 school in the northern part of the Oregon School District.  This will be the District's 4th elementary school.  The official acronym for Forest Edge Elementary School is FES. 

Video Tour

  • Click below to take a "video tour" of Forest Edge Elementary School.  This video was created in early March, prior to the social distancing measures.

    FES Video Tour

Designed to Inspire Learning

  • A design team consisting of 19 members, including school faculty, staff, parents, and a community member was assembled to guide the elementary school building design process. The team was charged with ensuring that the school design is aligned with mission and values of the Oregon School District and meets our educational goals. The school was designed to provide a safe, effective, and inspiring learning environment for all children.

    The design incorporates features known to create relevant and empowering learning opportunities, including warm and inviting classrooms, group collaboration spaces, small group instruction rooms, and outdoor classrooms. In addition, the building has been designed to efficiently use and conserve energy. Notable features include solar panels, geothermal heating & cooling, and being strategically located to take advantage of natural light. 



School Location

  • Forest Edge Elementary School (FES) is located at 4848 Brassica Road in the City of Fitchburg. This is east of the Hwy 14 & Lacy Road interchange along County MM.

  • School Location