Locker Rental

  • All small lockers are available for renting. You can rent by the month, summer or yearly.

    If you choose to use a locker on a day-to-day basis, you can put a lock on any locker, but the lock must be taken off after your swim. Any lock that is left overnight on a locker that is not rented will be cut off.

    In addition, there are coin-operated lockers for your convenience. You can use these coin-operated lockers without a lock. The fee to use a coin-operated lock is $0.25.

    To rent a locker:

    Please contact the Pool Front Desk. Pick out a small locker (3-tier locker) and pay your fee. Then, you can put your lock on your locker and go swim!

    Fee options for those with a pool pass  

    • $5 per month;
    • $15 for the summer; or
    • $50 for the year

    Fee options for those without a pool pass

    • $10 per month;
    • $30 for the summer; or
    • $120 for the year