• Pool Rental Request

    Please read the rules and rates below before reserving the Oregon Pool

    To make your online Pool Rental Request, please click HERE

  • Rental Details:

    • Pool rental hours:  Saturdays after 4:00PM.
    • Overnight rentals are not allowed.
    • The Aquatics Director has sole discretion to approve Oregon Pool rentals.
    • Oregon Pool supervisory and lifeguard staff will be on duty for all rentals. The cost of these staff members is included in the rental fee. Sponsors of youth outings may be required to provide additional adult supervision at a ratio of one (1) adult to ten (10) students.
    • All users will conform to all established pool rules, including no alcohol or tobacco on the premises. Failure to follow these rules may cause the rental to be ended prior to the arranged time and jeopardize future facility use.
    • Use other than designated above will require approval of the Oregon School District Board of Education. 
  • Reservation Details:

    • Rental reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance to ensure there is enough pool staff present. Safety is our first priority.
    • Payment for the rental must be made to the Oregon Pool at least one week prior to the rental.
    • Non-profit and for-profit organizations must provide proof of insurance prior to rental. 
  • Oregon Pool Rental Rates

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