• Pool Safety Protocols

     Before Coming to the Pool

    • Evening lap swimmers (6 and 8pm) must reserve a time to swim before coming to the pool. You may reserve your day and time using this link. If you need assistance with reserving online, please call the front desk at 835-8617.

    Arriving at the Pool & Preparing to Swim

    • Locker rooms are open. Lockers are available for use at this time. 
    • Everyone must take a shower before entering the pool.  (This is not a new procedure)
    • All swimmers must maintain social distance (at least 6 feet) from one another.


    During Your Swim

    • All swimmers must maintain social distance (at least 6 feet) from one another at all times.
    • During Lap Swim there will only be two people per lap lane and two people in the well.
    • There are kickboards available for use on deck.
    • The hot tub will be available for people that have reserved space in the pool.
    • When a swim is over, you will have 10 minutes in the locker room before the locker room will be closed for cleaning.  It is very important that you abide by the 10 min rule to make sure there is enough time for cleaning between swims.


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Rules of the Oregon Pool

  • The Oregon Pool is owned and operated by the Oregon School District as a joint-use facility – for the communities in and around the school district as well as the students within the district. The Pool offers many educational and recreational opportunities for you to enjoy. The following is a list of the pool rules that every user is expected to follow.  

    Please read them and help the younger children in your family to understand them in order to use the pool wisely and safely.

    > Persons with infections are not permitted in the pool or on the deck area.

    > Showers are required before entering the pool or whirlpool and after using the bathroom facilities. 

    > Cutoffs, shorts, and shirts are not allowed in the pool.

    > Food, drink, and gum are not permitted in the pool or on the deck or patio.

    > Smoking is not permitted in the building or on the pool grounds.

    > Glass containers are not permitted in the building or on the pool grounds. 

    > Persons under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will not be allowed in the pool or on the grounds.

    > Persons using profane language will be asked to leave the pool grounds

    > Running or rough play is not permitted.

    > Behavior that endangers the safety and well-being of yourself and/or other patrons will not be allowed.

    > Diving is allowed in the diving well only when the board is not in use.  Please follow the rules that are posted on the wall by the diving well.  No diving is allowed in the rest of the pool (3’ – 5’) 

    > Swimming goggles and safety glasses with straps are allowed.  Goggles may not be worn in the diving well.  Mask, fins, and snorkel may be used during lap swims only.

    > Children who are not yet potty trained need to wear a swim diaper or plastic pants with tight fitting legs and waist over a cloth diaper.  Regular diapers will not be accepted.

    > Use of balls, toys, and kickboards is at the discretion of the pool staff and may be used in the 3’-5’ area only.  No items bay be brought from home to use in the pool.

    > Flotation devices are not allowed.  Coast Guard approved life preservers may be used for small children but are not recommended.

    > Children under 7 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible teen or adult.  This responsible teen or adult must be in the water with anyone who cannot touch at the 3’ end.

    > Only persons who can swim the length of the pool using a stroke on the front and staying on top of the water are allowed in the diving well.

    > Pets are not allowed in the building or on the pool grounds

    > Pool patrons must follow the instructions of the pool staff at all times.  This includes rules that are modified due to special circumstances.

    > Failure to follow pool rules will result in loss of pool privileges.

    > Spectators must remain seated on the bleachers or on the patio area.

    > Whirlpool use is limited to those 18 years of age and over.  Please follow the rules that are posted on the door or wall of the whirlpool room.

    Some of the pool rules may be modified during family swims.  Use of the board or diving well by less skilled younger swimmers with parental supervision may be allowed.  More toys including kickboards and diving rings as well as game equipment may be available for use.  Parents and older siblings are expected to help supervise these expanded activities.

     Please follow these additional guidelines:

    • No standing, sitting, or kneeling on kickboards
    • No jumping or diving onto kickboards
    • Toss or throw diving rings carefully and short distances only
    • Toss or throw diving rings from in the water only
    • All basketball must be played from in the water and not on the deck
    • No grabbing or hanging on the volleyball net
    • No floating on balls