School to Career

  • The School to Career Program is an opportunity for junior and senior students to explore their career interests while still in high school. Students will typically attend classes for part of the school day and continue learning skills at their approved worksite.  Some programs may require classes outside of Oregon High School at Madison College or other area high schools during the evening (these classes would be paid for by Oregon School District).  

    An application and screening interview are required to be admitted into the program. Students must maintain passing grades and have no unexcused absences.


Approved Programs

  • Approved programs through the Dane County Youth Apprentice Program include:

    • Agricultural Sciences/Veterinary Science
    • Auto Technology
    • Banking and Finance
    • Biotechnology
    • Construction Trades                                
    • Early Childhood Daycare
    • Engineering and Manufacturing
    • Food Service, Hospitality,Tourism
    • Marketing
    • Health Services
    • Information Technology
    • Protective Services
    • Workplace/Employment Skills


  • School to Career Coordinator

    Anna D'Amelio


School to Work Program Outlines