RCI Clubs and Activities

RCI Clubs and Activities

  • Comic Book Club

    When:      6th Grade recess, Wednesdays

    Where:     Library

    Question:  Christine Hunter (cmhunter@OregonSD.Org)


    Dance Club

    When:       Tuesdays Afterschool (3:15-3:45 pm)

    Where:      General Music Room


    * No open spots available at this time. Currrently full.


    Girls Who Code

    When:        6th Grade recess, Wednesday's (10/24-11/14)

    Where:       RCI Community Conference Room

    Questions:  Mariah Richards (mnrichards@OregonSD.Org)

    *Enjoy helping your community, want to build your own own cool apps?

    Come learn how to code and change the world...


    Pop Up Monday Makerspace

    When:        6th Grade recess, Monday's (10/29-11/26)

    Where:       Library

    Questions:  Mariah Richards (mnrichards@OregonSD.Org)


    Yearbook Club

    When:        Tuesday's Afterschool

    Where:       Tech Computer Lab

    Questions:  Mary Prior (mcp@OregonSD.Org)

    or Joan Howery (jmh@OregonSD.Org)

    *Applications due on 10/26 (looking for 2 students from each team)


    Math 24

    When:         Wednesday's lunch and recess (5th Grade)

                       Tuesday & Thursday recess only (6th Grade)

    Where:        Green 2 (Ms. Legler's Room)

    Questions:   Missy Legler (rmlegler@OregonSD.Org)


    Craft and Chorus Club

    When:         Tuesday lunch and recess (5th Grade) 

    Where:        Blue 1 Team Area

    Questions:   See Blue 1